My photo career grew out of interviewing bands and working in recording studios, starting as a teenager in Calgary, Canada. Many of these acts needed photos, and of course my own musical project did too – and the rest is history, or at least something.

As a newspaper editor and an in-house digital storyteller for several prominent brands, I've continued shooting portrait and event photography over the past 20 years.

Exhibitions & Panels

  • Work Place, Vancouver, Canada ('Why Analog Photography Matters As Art As Never Before' panel moderator, July 2017)
  • Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Calgary, Canada (‘Open Digital’, 2013)
  • Mota Italic in Berlin, Germany (‘New Vintage Vernacular Letters’, 2012)
  • The Artery, Edmonton, Canada ('Versatile' solo show, 2012)
  • Kaasa Gallery in Edmonton, Canada (‘Open Photo 2010’)
  • VAAA Gallery in association with The Works, in Edmonton, Canada (‘Diversity 2010’)
  • Gallery Forward in Batley, UK (‘refracted landscape’, 2010)
  • Gallery Forward in Batley, UK (‘untitled’, 2010)
  • 3 Bedfordbury Gallery in London, UK (‘beautiful landscape’, 2009)


  • 2017 Best in Show, Instax – "Project Instant 4.0 – Retro Gratification", Capture Photo Festival, Science World, Vancouver, Canada 
  • 2015 Honourable Mention, Mobile Photography Awards
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